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Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing Services

“Identify revenue in your contacts.”

If your sales team beat their targets, because your contact database held all the best up-to-date prospects who wanted your business, we bet you’d be happy.

We can help you cleanse your current base and update all your prospects, which saves you the high cost in overheads.

Why is Data Hygiene Important?

Data cleansing is one of the prior ways of a successful business, but not everyone is familiar with the detail of this concept. It refers to working with clean databases and therefore ensuring there is no unnecessary or incorrect data. As that then becomes “uncleansed”. 

The success of a high-impact campaign is all in the planning and ensuring your database is accurate. Before starting your campaign, we strongly recommend data cleansing to refresh and update your existing contacts. Our data cleansing services begin with a complimentary assessment of your current data. Then we provide you with a quotation for updating the contacts.

Data Cleansing Services

There are two types of data cleansing the first being manual cleansing. Manual data cleansing is run by a person who is to verify all the details from the database. They also check for any mistakes and irregularities. Their duties also include the disposing of out – of – date records to ensure that only new and relevant data is stored in the database. 

This sort of cleansing is very time-consuming. The manual composition is also slow; however, it is one of the ways that you can guarantee the data meets all of the criteria of your specific campaign.

Another way to cleanse data is electronically. As the name suggests, this kind of B2B data cleansing includes complex operations. The help of advanced computer applications which follow certain sets of rules controlled by a user. Deleting unwanted or outdated records, providing spell checks of different documents simultaneously and getting rid of duplicated files are all processes which contribute to good data hygiene practice. This form of data cleansing is also quite fast in comparison to manual cleansing. However, it could make mistakes such as changing a correct spelling to make it incorrect, whereas, with manual cleaning, the person doing it has to take more care and time when checking.

However, both methods are to be time-consuming. But the matter of data cleansing should be focused upon and it, therefore, shouldn’t be ignored. Thanks to the modern age and its digital technology, businesses are now shifting to the practices of adequately handling, analysing, and storing raw data. 

Why you shouldn’t have uncleansed data

The consequences of storing uncleansed business data are serious. They can include increased expenditures on printing and postage for direct mail campaigns, or a waste of any telemarketing staffs time and profitability within telesales. Hence why any organisation should take severe measures against the accumulation of uncleansed databases.

Our market intelligence team will:

  • Analyse your marketing strategy
  • Update relevant records
  • Fill in gaps in existing records
  • Remove duplicates
  • Recommend additional contacts

To ensure that your addresses are current and your contact database is brought right up-to-date and returned in a user-friendly format.

Data Screening

For direct marketing purposes, data screening is essential for good practice and data compliance. Here are some of the files we can screen against before you carry out your campaigns:

  • Corporate telephone preference (CTPS)
  • Mailing preference service (MPS)
  • Gone away suppression (GAS)
  • Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF)
  • Telephone validation live (TVL)

This screening ensures that you only contact related businesses throughout your campaign.

Build and grow your existing client relationships

Turn your current contact database into a comprehensive and efficient sales tool

Keep your records up-to-date and accurate

Gain new market intelligence and highly-targeted new contacts

Sometimes errors in a database can comprise of not saving the correct contact numbers and email addresses of possible clients. It can be a hassle for companies which deal with large amounts of data within their campaigns. Data management and cleaning tools are to prevent any issues in the data efficiency caused by possible mismanagement.

Client Testimonial – “With an in-depth knowledge of all things data, BDP provided an excellent service to one of my clients.

If you have any issues with database integrity, data cleansing or data supply, I can recommend Jane’s services. “

Mike Dean – Hamilton Bradshaw Partners

Here at BDP Agency, we offer refresh services. You can also contact us today to request a call back from one of our account managers who are more than happy to help you.

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