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At Business Data Prospects, we are proud to be an award winning agency and the only data based in the UK.

Alongside our UK presence, we are internationally recognised for email lists by ensuring that all our email data goes through our strict process involving multiple levels of checks and validations.

By doing so, this ensures your email lists will be fully compliant, accurate and the most up-to-date. In line with this, we are the only data provider in the UK who offers a 100% guarantee on all email lists.

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We take an alternative approach to other data companies in order to produce exceptional results. We specialise in providing bespoke business email lists as we are a strategic marketing agency. Our belief in building relationships is extremely strong and we find email lists are a perfect way to begin developing and building relationships.


Accurate and targeted business data in your email lists is one of the keys to a successful and strong marketing campaign. BDP are experts at helping your reach your perfect customers. We help enhance the return on investment with optimised email lists that fit your needs. We achieve accuracy by identifying contacts in our research who meet your specifications, turning business data into profitable email lists.


Our market research and verification methods ensure that our data is accurate and as up-to-date as possible. To ensure that your email list is in safe hands, we offer a 100% guarantee. Unlike other providers, we are the only supplier in the UK who offer this guarantee. We want to assure our clients and give full confidence for a genuinely successful campaign.


Our licensing accompanied with our GDPR and DPA compliance gives you full confidence and the peace of mind that your marketing strategy is fully compliant. As a data owner, we ensure that all our tailored data packages and other marketing services satisfy data protection standards. This also ensures you that your campaign adheres to the guidelines too. Kick start your email marketing and contact us today. 

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Are you searching for a responsive email list?

Business Data Prospects’ accurate and up-to-date email lists for sale give your campaign the best chances of a high response rate which helps you build and develop strong relationships. When you buy email lists you have a new stream of clients to convert. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and expand your marketing reach.

Email Data Lists

Data fields

We can also provide further details than just email contacts. Other data fields include; Full address. Position / Job Title. Telephone. Trade / Industry. Employees. Turnover.

International Data Lists

International Email Lists

We can also help target global markets in the following regions as well as email lists UK.
Middle East
North America
South America

Business Data

Industry Specific Email Lists

Business Data Prospects have researched a range of markets and have extensive knowledge in industries such as the following; Manufacturing. Engineering. Hotels. Financial. FMCG. Estate agents. Architects. IT directors. HR directors.

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In the UK, and all of our B2B database information is verified against three main sources. These sources we cross check against are; Companies House, BT and Royal Mail. Our verification process involves strict checks and stringent validations against all the main sources to verify any new contacts, as well as identifying and updating changes such companies dissolving, updated to changes of Directors and other business information.


Our market research process was constructed with the idea in mind to provide the most responsive and effective email lists on the market.

To begin with, we cross check our data with Companies House. Secondly, we validate all address details against Royal Mail PAF. We are then able to remove any relevant records by checking against recent ‘gone away’ files. 

Following on from this, before a contact is added to our database and on a daily basis, our contact centre will verify additional fields. These can include job titles, position and personal email addresses verification. Once our contact centre carry out this verification, the market research team will run additional checks to ensure full accuracy. This involves verification through an in-house system at the point of order. This helps ensure full accuracy as this is carried out 2-3 days prior to receiving your order.

Finally, all researched telephone details are verified against BT to ensuring that all lines are live and in use. 

We carry out the above steps 2-3 days before delivery to our client. This makes sure that the email list supplied is fresh and accurate which gives the best opportunity for an effective and responsive email campaign.


All processing of data requires a lawful ground and you must determine this before you being processing personal data. You must select the ground that matches your processing the most. In total, there are 6 lawful grounds. There is no basis which is better or more significant that another. Please see the following 6 lawful grounds for data processing:

GDPR for B2B Data Processing

“Recommend data provider, our marketing division were happy with the B2B email base we purchased for our seasonal campaign.”
– Mark Kelly

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Boost your enquires with email lists

If you choose BDP Agency to buy email lists uk, you won’t be disappointed – what works for you, works for us. It is our mission to provide a great service and produce great results every time.

We are fully committed and passionate about our email lists that every B2B email list is covered by our 100% guarantee. We are the best place to buy email lists. How to get email lists for marketing? Contact an account manager today to buy a targeted email list and expand your marketing reach.


Our data experts have built up knowledge in the industries and sectors we research and have good understandings of your requirements over the past 10+ years. Furthermore, our talented team have assisted both national and international brands get exceptional results from their campaigns. Their insightful research combined with their management skills allow us to fully manage your campaign on your behalf. Discuss with an account manager today to see how we can fully manage your campaign.

Unique Email Lists.

At BDP we believe that the best way to approach business data is by building the right relationships rather than simply expanding your email list. This unique approach places you multiple steps closer to converting a client than your closest competitors. 

We believe that expanding your business through B2B email lists is one of the easiest and effective ways to start on new relationships. As a result of this, we enable you to build on future clients.


One of the key successes to an effective email campaign is choosing the most accurate and up-to-date email lists. Our market research turns business data into market intelligence. This increases the response from your campaign for profitable outcomes. Let us help you. Contact us today and we can run a same day data count, with no obligation to purchase email lists.

Our Mission.

It is our mission to build the most accurate and responsive email lists in the industry. Market research is essential to our data. Without business intelligence, campaigns would be too general and be seen as a waste of time and effort. Our comprehensive marketing email lists and solutions help you target your ideal customers for an effective marketing campaign.

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Business Data Prospects and GDPR.

Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing undergone is GDPR compliant. GDPR regulations consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose, as well as documenting use and possession.

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